Can You Laugh About Your OCD?

Have you seen this clip of Maria Bamford and Lena Dunham talking about their OCD symptoms? Maybe it’s because I follow a lot of pages related to OCD, but I feel like I keep running across it. At any rate, as uncomfortable as it can be to watch something like this, I’m glad these two women were honest about their obsessions and compulsions, and that Lena specifically pointed out that hers weren’t as simple as needing an organized closet.

And maybe it’s because OCD and I are so intimate with each other, but I didn’t actually laugh at this clip–even though it’s been described as hilarious. I think it’s important to have a sense of humor about our hardships, but I’m just not there. When I talk in front of a group about my worst obsessions and depression, I still get choked up. And I noticed that Lena and Maria weren’t very lighthearted about it all, either.

How about you? Are you at a place in recovery where you can laugh about your struggles? What if someone else laughed? I’ll say this: I am at a point where I realize how ridiculous some of my fears were. But I haven’t forgotten how they made me feel.

Here’s to hoping we all get to the point where we can have a good laugh. Less pain and embarrassment is a great start.