Dealing with Misconceptions on the Internet

I can be really outspoken on divisive issues. I often find myself way too caught up in the comments section of some article about a politician or sparring with someone on Facebook over sexual inequality (and my husband always says, “Why do you do this to yourself? You’re never going to change this person’s mind.”). But I get awfully shy when it comes to standing up to ignorant comments about OCD.

Of course I have this blog and my book and my Facebook page and my Twitter account. I’m trying to spread awareness all over the place, and it’s actually one of my life goals to get people to stop using “OCD” as an adjective meaning “quirky” or “meticulous.”

The trouble is when someone’s already said something that only adds to the confusion about what OCD really is: I clam up. See what I mean in this blog post at the International OCD Foundation site, and let me know how you handle misinformation and misconceptions when you run across them.