Have You Really Tried Everything to Treat Your OCD?


My husband and I drove the three hours to my parents’ house for the long holiday weekend, so naturally we listened to music. He chose many of his usual favorites when he drove up on Thursday–Phil Collins, Billy Ocean, Peter Gabriel–but when it was my turn to drive back on Sunday afternoon, I picked St. Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley.

In “Just a Thought,” Cee Lo Green sings:

All I want is your understanding
As in the small act of affection
“Why is this my life?”
Is almost everybody’s question

And I’ve tried
Everything but suicide
But it’s crossed my mind

I love that song. How often do musicians come right out and sing about suicide and depression, rather than using artistic metaphors? And having considered suicide myself (before I got professional help for my OCD symptoms), I really relate to it.

But it raises a good question, a question all of us should ask ourselves: Have I really tried everything?

If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, and your obsessions and compulsions are really stubborn, there’s still no need to give up:

I hope it never gets to the point when suicide is even a passing consideration, or “just a thought.” But if it does, ask for help. There are so many options for treating OCD, and researchers are still looking for more. Doctors and therapists care so much about people like you and me they have dedicated their lives to helping us. Never forget that you aren’t alone!


About Alison Dotson

I am the author of Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life, a nonfiction book for teens and young adults with OCD. Part memoir, part self-help guide, Being Me with OCD lets readers know they're not alone in their struggle to get better--and that there is hope.

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