OCD Twin Cities

You know how people say there’s some truth to every joke? Well, a few weeks ago the communications director at IOCDF mentioned that the president of the foundation’s Twin Cities chapter had moved, making it difficult to head up an affiliate in the city she didn’t even live in anymore.

I wrote, “Maybe I should take over. ;)” When I wrote that, I was actually being serious. But what if she thought it was a bad idea? So, there we go, add the winky face and hit “send.”

Then a couple weeks ago she called and said, “I know you were maybe joking when you said you’d take over, but we’re wondering if you’d actually like to.”

Fun! Yes! I do want to lead OCD Twin Cities. I want to keep spreading awareness in everything I do, and what a great platform to do it. The transition isn’t official yet; I’ll get advice from the current president and we’ll do a sort of baton passing in the coming months.

I am so excited. Jackie Lea Sommers, an incredible blogger and OCD advocate, will be the communications director, and we’ll work together closely.

Locals, stay tuned!