Carrie Underwood, You Can’t “Be” OCD!

Ugh! Another person has diagnosed herself as OCD. Carrie Underwood said in a recent interview that she “is OCD about time.” It’s frustrating enough when anyone claims to “be OCD,” but Carrie is a huge celebrity and this will gain some attention.

As tiring as it can be, I’ll never stop telling people that the “D” in “OCD” stands for disorder. Statements like Carrie made trivialize OCD, making it seem like a minor inconvenience or a charming personality trait. And I am never sure I can believe it even when celebrities say they have OCD. It seems to be a pretty common claim to make, at least more common than claiming to have any other mental disorder.

How do you respond when you hear someone say something like this? Do you let it go? Do you politely–or not so politely–correct the person?

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