Pieces by Others

Beyond the Catchphrase, Amy Ellis Nutt, The Washington Post

The Mental Illness Cursing People With Pedophile Illusions, Zoe Cormier, The Daily Beast

5 Times the Internet Got OCD Wrong–and Why It Matters, Sarah Schuster, The Mighty

OCD Is Not a Quirk, Fatima Tipu, The Atlantic

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Have OCD, David Adam, excerpt from The Man Who Couldn’t Stop published on Business Insider UK

ROCD: Relationship OCD and the Myth of “The One,” OCD Center of Los Angeles

Unsupervised Habits Reign in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Michele Solis, Scientific American

Aha! Moments from Disney’s Frozen, Shala Nicely, International OCD Foundation blog

OCD & Chinatown, Keith Fraser, PsychCentral

OCD and Psychosis, Janet Singer, OCDtalk

No One Really Wants to Talk About HOCD, Jackie Lea Sommers, Lights All Around

Mothering With OCD, Rachel Joyce, Huffington Post

The One Thing Not to Say to Someone With OCD, Nile Cappello, Huffington Post

“Coming Out” as Having OCD, Jackie Lea Sommers, International OCD Foundation blog

Battling Yourself: The Doubting Disease, Karen Ann Monsy, Khaleej Times wknd. magazine

Pieces by Me

My First Annual OCD Conference Experience, International OCD Foundation blog

One Size Does Not Fit All: Learning That Your Story May Not Be My Story, International OCD Foundation blog

The Importance of Being an (Earnest) Advocate, International OCD Foundation blog

Labels in the Workplace, B Stigma-Free blog

OCD on the Internet–How to Deal With Misconceptions, International OCD Foundation blog

OCD, Depression, and Suicide: There Is Hope, International OCD Foundation blog

Intrusive Thoughts, B Stigma-Free blog

“Get” OCD? Make Sure Students Know You Do, Free Spirit Publishing blog

I Am Not “So OCD”: Creating a Stigma-Free School Environment, Free Spirit Publishing blog

Defeating OCD, You Are Not Alone campaign, NAMI

I Didn’t Know I Had OCD: Helping Kids Spot It, Free Spirit Publishing blog

OCD in the Workplace, International OCD Foundation blog

Do I Still Have OCD?, International OCD Foundation blog

Listening to My Gut, International OCD Foundation blog

Being Me with OCD: Spreading Awareness with the Help of Young People, Free Spirit Publishing blog

Writing About OCD to Reduce Stigma, International OCD Foundation blog

Recovery Is a Journey: Remaining Vigilant, International OCD Foundation blog

Author Alison Dotson Tells Blisstree the Truth About Living With OCD—And If Girls Gets It Right, Blisstree

OCD on Girls: Symptoms Arise as a Plot Twist in Real Life, Too, Huffington Post


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