I am the author of Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My Life, a nonfiction book for teens and young adults with OCD. Part memoir, part self-help guide, Being Me with OCD shows readers they’re not alone in their struggle to feel better—and there is hope. I’m also the president of OCD Twin Cities, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation, and the 2016 recipient of the International OCD Foundation Hero Award.

Although I wasn’t diagnosed with OCD until I was almost 27 years old, I struggled with obsessions for nearly two decades. Sadly, this is pretty common—the International OCD Foundation states that it takes an average of 14 to 17 years from the onset of symptoms for a person with OCD to get the proper treatment.

My hope is that writing about OCD will shed some light on the disorder and encourage people to get the help they need. Since I reached out to an OCD specialist several years ago, I’ve been doing well. I’m armed with great resources and coping techniques, so even when obsessions do pop up I know how to deal with them.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with my two rescue dogs, Tuffy and Gracie. They’re full of spunk and a lot of fun.

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